Massachusetts Business Attorney

– Massachusetts Business Attorney

The journey of starting and running a business can be a roller coaster. The truth is that every business, no matter what kind, should be using a lawyer’s services from the very beginning. While it may seem cheaper or easier to do everything yourself at first, it can end up costing you a lot of time and money in the long run. MarkSetGo is based in Massachusetts but depending on your business need(s), we may be able to help you navigate the legal issues that can impact your business, both good and bad.

Our professional legal team can help you with many areas of business law including starting a business, reviewing contracts, intellectual property issues such as trademark and copyright, and other commercial disputes that may arise. We love helping our small business clients create and grow a brand that they are proud of. If you are ready to get started, contact us today.

MA Business Formation Lawyer

Making sure your business is formed properly is extremely important for many reasons including liability purposes, tax implications, and employment reasons, among others. While the state does not require you to have an attorney help you form your business, it is strongly advisable to do so. There are many nuances to business law that only a licensed attorney can help with. If you want to make sure that your business is set up properly, you should work with an expert in the field.

Forming a Massachusetts LLC

Many small businesses choose to form LLCs, or limited liability companies. This type of business entity offers much more personal protection than sole proprietorships or general partnerships but is also affordable and flexible as your business grows and changes. Hiring an LLC lawyer can help make sure that your business is properly formed and in compliance with applicable business law.

It is highly recommended that you speak to a Massachusetts business law attorney when starting your business to determine what kind of business entity is right for you and your company. Business lawyers can also help draft many legal documents that are beneficial to your business such as operating agreements, annual reports, licensing agreements, and more. MarkSetGo has experience helping businesses in all kinds of industries file as an LLC with the state of Massachusetts.

Local Small
Business Attorney

There are many reasons why your small business may need a lawyer at some point, and not all of them are bad. You may just need a contract reviewed or written, or maybe you just have some legal questions to make sure you were in compliance with rules and requirements.

Our attorneys at MarkSetGo loves helping local, family-owned businesses protect their business and their brand. Whether you need contract work, business formation work, LLC help, or trademark help, you can trust MarkSetGo. Contact us today for a consultation with our legal team.

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